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HDT, a business division of HDT Group Limited, an extension of Huawei in Brazil and Regional Partner & CSP LATAM, provides leading products and services in solar photovoltaic systems, always bringing an intelligent solution.

Award-winning Installation Campaign

Huawei and HDT launch the Award-winning Installation Campaign!

Installers / integrators who are interested in participating in the campaign, just negotiate the acquisition of a Huawei single-phase inverter and register the installation at  www.instalacaopremiada.com.br

HDT Party

On the 23/08/2022, the new brand, new positioning and new headquarters of HDT were celebrated.

HDT na Mídia

Broadcast - 21/08/22

For marketing and communication, Tricia Cristilli (ex-Vivo and Claro) was hired.

HDT hired Trícia Cristilli.

Canal Executivo - 22/08/22

Trícia Cristilli takes over as director of Marketing and Communication at HDT

HDT hired Trícia Cristilli, ex-Vivo and CLARO. The executive has more than 30 years of experience.

C3 Club - 24/08/22

InterSolar moves the week

HDT Brasil participates in investments of around R$ 3 billion in the country, in clean energy projects, that is, renewable sources.

Fator Brasil - 31/08/22

HDT Brasil reiterates its mission to expand operations in the country

Through strategic alliances. The company focuses on the development of the renewable energy chain as a way to grow sustainably and signs a partnership with MTR Solar and Evolua Energia.

Canal Solar - 06/09/22

Country advances in clean energy solutions​

As Huawei's exclusive representative in Brazil, and the main regional representative of the Chinese company on the American continent in the solar energy niche, we have a great responsibility in contributing to this market not only in Brazil.

Jornal Empresas e Negócios - 06/10/22

HDT Brasil achieves unprecedented certification from the Huawei for Latin America

HDT Brasil, Huawei's exclusive representative in Brazil (VAP - Value Added Partner), was recognized by the Chinese company as a partner distinguished and highly qualified. HDT was the winner of the CSP (Certified Service Partner), which aims to recognize companies with the best performance in each segment.

Revista Fator Brasil - 06/10/22

HDT Brasil achieves unprecedented certification from Huawei for Latin America

HDT Brasil — HDT, Huawei's exclusive representative in Brazil and the Chinese company's main regional office in the American continent, recognized and awarded for its results in the region.

Podcast – Vida Moderna com Leonardo Cyrino 16/11/22

How is Brazil positioned in solar energy? How is this market?

China has assumed the role of the world's largest producer of solar energy inputs.